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You hope to never visit an emergency pediatric dentist, but you are happy to know this resource is available for your child. Just like medical issues, urgent dental problems can arise, causing pain and threatening the health and well-being of your child. For the most serious concerns, you should not wait to make a regular appointment. Instead, visit our office so your child can get the proper attention.

A pediatric dentist can address preventive care and treat mild conditions. Our team is ready to accept same-day appointments and walk-ins. Our dentist can diagnose your child’s dental ailments and provide relief. We have the right tools to solve even the most complicated issues.

If your child is having a dental emergency, give us a call and come in right away for help.

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    The key differences

    Parents want to know what sets an emergency pediatric dentist apart from a regular pediatric dentist or from a general dentist. Dentists who focus on emergency care have additional training and knowledge. The dental staff has experience working with children who need immediate attention and whose conditions will get worse if they do not get help right away. Emergency kids’ dentist’s offices also have the following traits:

    • The dentist has the correct tools to handle emergency care
    • The dentist can take patients at a moment’s notice
    • The dentist knows how to work with young patients who are hysterical or in extreme pain

    When to come: prolonged, excessive pain

    At some point, many children experience tooth pain or irritation. Parents should call a pediatric dentist for an appointment, as this indicates tooth decay. However, if the pain becomes severe, constant and unbearable, the situation becomes an emergency. An emergency pediatric dentist can provide fast treatment such as a root canal or tooth extraction, if necessary. This level of pain could also mean the child has an abscessed tooth. This means the pulp of the tooth is infected and must be taken out right away.

    When to come: broken teeth

    Active children are prone to suffering blows to the face. This can happen while the child is playing sports, climbing or roughhousing. Even biting into hard food or objects can fracture a tooth. Not only can this be an embarrassing problem for the child, but it also presents oral health hazards. Infections can develop in a broken tooth. Plus, fractured teeth can have sharp edges, which can then injure other parts of the mouth.

    To repair a broken tooth, the emergency pediatric dentist will likely place a crown over the tooth. This stabilizes it and protects it from further damage. A porcelain veneer or composite filling can fix smaller breaks.

    When to come: lost teeth

    Children love losing their baby teeth, but a knocked-out permanent tooth is nothing to celebrate. This problem can occur in the same ways a child fractures a tooth. In the most extreme cases, significant tooth decay can cause a tooth to fall out. Most emergency pediatric dentists recommend that parents save the tooth and place it back in the child’s mouth, if possible. When parents call the dental office to report the emergency, the dentist will provide more instructions.

    Other situations

    Parents who are not sure whether the child should go to an emergency pediatric dentist should come in if they are concerned about the child’s health. This dentist can also help with problems such as loose fillings, worn enamel or pain from braces and other orthodontic equipment. The dentist and staff can also diagnose and make recommendations over the phone.

    How parents can help prepare for a trip to the emergency pediatric dentist

    Even routine dental appointments can scare young children. Many kids come to the office with fear, nervousness and anxiety. Dental emergencies can heighten these feelings. It is important for parents to be mindful of the child’s emotions and take steps to minimize the apprehension. Parents can reassure the child that the dentist has the training to help take away the tooth pain and solve the problem. Parents should be honest with the child but also use positive language when discussing the visit.

    What dentists do to calm children

    Emergency pediatric dentists work all day with toddlers, children, preteens and teenagers. Many of these patients are in tears or are combative. Some cling to parents and may refuse to lie down on the dental chair. Our dentist is patient and empathetic. Our staff members will speak calmly and will let parents come into the treatment room to comfort the child. The dentist will also numb the child’s mouth to reduce the pain and discomfort the young patient is feeling.

    Making the right choice

    There are multiple choices when it comes to finding an emergency pediatric dentist. When an urgent dental matter comes up, there may be little time to research and deliberate which provider to see. It can be helpful to pick an emergency dentist in advance. Parents should look for established practices that have a long history of treating dental emergencies.

    There are some effective strategies parents can use to feel good about choosing a dentist for their child. Start by talking to family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors about where they take kids for urgent dental problems. It is also wise to pick at a few emergency dental offices in the area and look at the websites. This can give parents an idea of what the office looks like and typical cases the dentist takes. Online reviews are also a good way to narrow a list of candidates.

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    Always ready to help

    As a parent, you hate seeing your child in pain. Thankfully, for even the worst dental problems, the right help is available. Our emergency pediatric dentist and staff can help children of all ages overcome a variety of conditions. We have all the traits you would want in a provider, including knowledge, training, techniques and tools. This can be an emotional time for you and your child. We will work hard to make it as positive of an experience as possible.

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