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Dr. Waldman in her effort to promote breastfeeding and help families, recently became a Certified Lactation Counselor. She looks forward to the opportunity to support, provide knowledge and assist those mothers who are either nursing or thinking about breastfeeding. At Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry we are pleased to offer surgical revisions for tongue and lip ties. Our office uses the latest CO2 laser technology which allows for enhanced precision and faster recovery. Dr. Waldman, through her own experiences as a mother of two, understands nursing mothers and the impact tongue and lip ties have on nursing, feeding, and speech. She supports those who want to breastfeed but are experiencing the complications associated with tongue and/or lip ties. Dr. Geri-Lynn Waldman and her staff thoroughly enjoy working with infants and children and look forward to the opportunity to help achieve optimal results through careful diagnosis and treatment.

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    Why treat a Tongue or Lip Tie?

    When the frenum that naturally connects the tongue and lip to its surrounding structures is too short or tight, it may impede normal function.

    There are many symptoms associated with lip and tongue ties in nursing moms and infants. It is important to note that not every infant with a tongue or lip tie will exhibit symptoms or complications.

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    Tongue and Lip Tie Symptoms in Babies and Breastfeeding Mothers

    Baby's Symptoms

  • Choking or gulping during feeds
  • Colic and/or irritability
  • Excessive gas
  • Weight loss or poor weight gain
  • Chewing or gumming of the nipple
  • Reflux
  • Difficulty latching
  • Poor suction or clicking noise while nursing

  • Mom's Symptoms

  • Pain while nursing
  • Low milk supply or overload of milk supply
  • Thrush/mastitis
  • Cracked or bleeding nipples
  • Frustration and discouragement with nursing
  • What future problems can occur if the tongue and lip tie are not treated?

    Once again, not every child with a tongue and/or lip tie will develop complications, however, some of the most common symptoms include the following:

  • Speech delay or lisp
  • Child is not able to extend or fully elevate tongue
  • Picky eater, preference for softer foods
  • Mouth breathing
  • Snoring/sleep apnea
  • Dental and oral health problems including bad breath, caries and gum disease
  • Choking, gagging and/or vomiting on liquids and/or foods

  • Laser Tongue and Lip Tie Revision

    Release of the frenum allows your child to regain proper function and mobility of their tongue and lip. Using the CO2 laser, Dr. Waldman is able to complete the procedure efficiently with almost no bleeding, little swelling or discomfort, and the reduced risk of infection. We are committed to protecting your child’s comfort, health, and happiness during treatment.

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