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Children’s Dentistry in Orange County

At Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry, our mission is to keep your child’s smile bright and healthy from infancy to adulthood. Our Middletown pediatric dentist, Dr. Geri-Lynn Waldman, is dedicated to helping children maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. 

Dental Services for Children

Our dental team is committed to providing comprehensive care for all children. To help keep your child’s smile healthy, Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry offers a number of preventive and restorative dental treatments, including:

- Regular exams and cleaning with digital x-rays to monitor growing smiles
- Dental sealants to prevent tooth decay
- Fluoride treatments for comprehensive cavity protection
- Tooth-colored fillings and crowns for natural looking restorations
- Gentle treatment in cases of dental emergencies

Dr. Geri and the Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry team is committed to creating a friendly environment where children of all ages feel comfortable receiving dental care.

For nervous children or children with special needs, our gentle approach ensures that your child is comfortable with all parts of their procedure. Rather than rushing into care, the pace of treatment is based on your child’s comfort level. For added comfort during procedures, our team offers several sedation options to help calm nerves and ensure a positive experience. 

Learning Lifelong Hygiene Skills

During each appointment, we use hands-on demonstrations and easy-to-understand analogies. Our pediatric dentist helps children become accustomed to the idea of routine care in the dentist’s office and oral hygiene at home. In the long run, our personal approach to kid-friendly dentistry ensures your child receives the best care for their smile.

Young smiles go through a number of changes, from the emergence of primary teeth to transition into an adult dentition. Learning how to keep your child’s smile healthy at-home throughout these changes is an important part of ensuring lifelong oral health. Dr. Geri helps parents understand the importance of an effective at-home hygiene routine, providing tools and tips to promote lasting oral health for your child. 

Schedule Your Child’s Next Appointment Today

Located in Middletown, Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer kid-friendly dentistry for children and teens from the surrounding New York and Pennsylvania counties, including Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, and Pike. For more information about our available services, contact our children's dentist today. 


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