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If you are searching for a dentistry for children practice, it is important to understand the role these professionals play in your child’s oral health. Our pediatric dentist focuses on diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions. We can also address preventive and restorative care for kids of all ages. Whether your child has never been to the dentist or has not been for a long time, we are excited to be the source of care for all your dental needs.

A family dentist works with younger and older patients but may not have the attributes you are looking for. Our pediatric dentist has the knowledge and training to take on even the most serious dental issues your child faces. Our dentist is accustomed to helping children with special needs and those who may have behavioral challenges.

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    Concern for children’s oral health

    An office that does dentistry for children has an experienced, capable dentist and assistant, along with dedicated staff members. These professionals received the proper education through four years of dental school. However, a pediatric dentist went beyond these requirements to qualify to work with younger patients. Pediatric dentists studied for two to three years beyond dental school. Here, they learned techniques to help with issues related to children’s oral health. These dentists also got training and information on child psychology.

    Taking care of the basics

    When parents take kids to an office that handles dentistry for children, they can expect a full range of services. The dentist will always start with routine care and examinations. At a typical appointment, the dentist and hygienist may handle the following:

    • X-rays
    • Teeth cleaning
    • Teeth polishing
    • Fluoride treatments
    • Education and instruction on oral hygiene

    When to visit

    One of the most frequent questions dentistry for children offices get is how often children should get checkups. Parents are also curious about when to start taking kids to the dentist. The initial appointment should occur long before the child has a mouthful of teeth or can brush and floss on without assistance. About six months after the child’s first teeth emerge, the parents should make the first examination appointment. This usually happens around age 1. After this, children should visit the pediatric dentist every six months.

    Treatment and restorations

    A child should not have to wait until a semiannual appointment to repair damaged teeth or to relieve tooth pain. If the dentist detects concerning conditions such as cavities or gum disease at the wellness checkup, parents should schedule a follow-up visit in a few weeks to take care of the problem. If the child experiences pain, pressure, discomfort or other problems with teeth any time in between examinations, parents should bring the young patient in to see the dentist as soon as possible.

    Emergency visits

    Some appointments may wait for a few days or weeks. In the most severe cases, the child requires immediate attention. Dentistry for children can also handle emergency appointments. On these occasions, the dentist can accept same-day visits. It is helpful, when possible, to call ahead. The dentist may give advice over the phone and can even diagnose the issue.

    Emergency pediatric dentists can treat children who have unbearable tooth pain that continues for days without relief. Children who have a broken or cracked tooth should also seek urgent care. Also, broken fillings or dislodged permanent teeth also require emergency treatment.

    What to do in between appointments

    While visits to dentistry for children clinics are beneficial for immediate and long-term oral health, these are not enough. To build strong teeth and gums, the child must consistently have good dental habits. Kids should brush at least twice a day using fluoride-based toothpaste. Flossing each day is also critical. Parents should also encourage children to limit their sugar intake, especially from candy and carbonated beverages.

    What to expect at dentistry for children

    General dentists can do a good job meeting a child’s oral health needs. However, parents and kids can have high expectations when going to a pediatric dentist. Our staff works hard to provide a positive atmosphere for children. Parents and kids will find bright, vibrant colors and a cheerful ambiance. Patients may get to watch TV or listen to music during exams and treatments. The staff will try to replicate the feelings the child has at home.

    The consequences of not going

    Parents have busy lives, so it may be understandable that some forget to make and keep dental appointments for their kids. Unfortunately, getting behind or completely neglecting these visits can have negative effects. Even when kids brush and floss regularly, problems can still develop. At wellness checkups and appointments for treatments, the dentist can identify emerging conditions before they turn into bigger problems. Parents cannot be expected to spot small cavities or know when the child has an infection in the roots.

    An educational experience

    Going to the dentistry for children can be informative for the patient and the parents. Pediatric dentists know how to work with children whose thumb-sucking habits have caused issues with teeth and gums. The dentist can suggest strategies for putting an end to this. The dental staff will also visit with parents to correct improper brushing techniques. Teeth-grinding is another common struggle that children have. The parents and dentist can talk about ways to correct this as well.

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    A difference you can feel good about

    As a parent, you know your son or daughter needs the right health professional in their life. Dentistry for children should be included in this group. Without a dentist’s help, children cannot be expected to maintain healthy, strong teeth and gums. If you start at an early age and consistently take your child to the dentist, you can develop sound habits to last a lifetime. For general wellness and treatment for cavities, infections and other dysfunctions of the mouth, our pediatric dentist is ready to meet your child’s needs. Get your child’s oral health on track today by visiting with us.

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