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Pediatric Emergency Care in Middletown | Dr. Geri-Lynn Waldman, DDS

Emergency Dentistry in Middletown

Children are generally more physically active than adults, and more likely to experience accidental damage to their teeth. True dental emergencies not only cause discomfort but can create a lasting negative impact on oral health. If your child has a dental emergency, contact our office immediately at (845) 458-8500.

Dr. Geri Waldman and our team provide emergency dental services for patients of record throughout Middletown and the neighboring communities of Scotchtown and Mechanicstown, ensuring their comfort and long-term health.

Handling Your Child’s Emergency

Before bringing your child in for care, it is essential to help them remain calm and to preserve the teeth, if possible. The following steps can be taken in the case of certain emergencies to limit damage and improve patient comfort:

Losing a Tooth- If an otherwise healthy tooth has been knocked out, it may be possible to have it placed back in the bite. If the tooth has fallen to the ground, pick it up by the crown without touching the root. You can then rinse the tooth under lukewarm water before preserving it in milk or having your child keep it in their cheek, provided they are old enough not to swallow it.

Breaking a Tooth- If a tooth has been broken, it is essential that any exposed portion of the pulp be cleaned and immediately covered. Rinse your child’s mouth warm water and have them bite down on gauze to stem any bleeding. Temporary dental cement can then be used to coat the rest of the tooth until you are able to come to our office.

If your child is experiencing significant discomfort, you can give them an appropriate dose of an over-the-counter pain reliever until their appointment.

Ensuring Patient Comfort                                     

The primary goal of our pediatric dentist is to ensure your child is free of dental pain. At Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we provide fast and effective care to alleviate any discomfort that your child may be experiencing. Dr. Waldman works to ensure that your child is physically comfortable while undergoing treatment to address their emergency and applies a gentle touch to ensure they feel relaxed.

Establishing Patient Health

Once your child is no longer in pain, we perform a thorough examination to determine the nature of their dental emergency. If the cause was a physical trauma, we also check for additional sites of damage and determine the best course of care. For children who have experienced decay, we determine the least invasive options for treatment and how dental decay can be avoided in the future.

Contact Our Emergency Dentist Today

Don’t wait to contact our Middletown emergency dentist if your child is experiencing a true dental emergency. We offer after-hours care for patients of record and schedule new patients for the soonest possible appointment.