Why Going to a Pediatric Dentistry is Vital for a Child’s Dental Development

Why Going to a Pediatric Dentistry is Vital for a Child’s Dental Development from Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Middletown, NYRoutine dental visits starting around age 1 are not only recommended; they are considered essential by many pediatric dentistry professionals. Regular cleanings and examinations are important for children once their first baby teeth erupt. These checkups significantly lower the risks for common dental issues while protecting your child from even bigger problems with tooth development and overall oral health.

The benefits of a pediatric dental checkup

Taking your child to the dentist may seem unnecessary, especially when they have not yet developed any permanent teeth. However, how you care for a child's teeth and gums in the early years can affect their oral development, with repercussions that can last a lifetime, whether for the better or worse. Seeing a dentist can significantly improve your child's chances for stronger healthier teeth as they grow.

Tartar and plaque removal

One of the main causes of tooth decay and cavities is plaque and tartar buildup. Food particles that are not brushed away can dissolve and form a film over teeth called plaque. Over time, the film can harden into tartar buildup. Once it reaches this stage, it cannot be removed with a toothbrush or floss; a dentist must remove it with scaling instruments.

Tartar buildup significantly increases the risk of developing tooth decay. Excessive or serious tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, creating a new set of problems for developing mouths. Fortunately, a dentist can remove tartar buildup at your child's regular dental appointments, reducing the risks of getting harmful cavities.

Treatment of oral health issues

Some parents assume that cavities or injuries to baby teeth are not worth treating because those teeth will fall out on their own in time. However, these problems can spread, leading to infection and affecting other teeth, even those below the gum line. If your child has symptoms of an oral health issue, scheduling a pediatric dentistry appointment for evaluation and treatment can ensure that complications do not arise. This will also allow their permanent teeth to continue to develop properly.

Early detection of dental problems

At regular appointments, a dentist can perform X-rays and examinations to look for signs of development issues. Discovering problems early on can make them much easier to treat, whether through lifestyle changes or with professional dental work. Either way, seeing a dentist can give children a better chance at proper dental development, as many of these issues and warning signs cannot be detected by a parent at home.

Timely advice and instructions for parents

Much of the time, parents can follow general guidelines on certain behaviors and practices for their children, such as when to stop thumb-sucking or when to start using fluoride toothpaste. However, every child is unique and has their own set of needs. In some situations, a dentist can see how everyday choices are directly impacting a child's dental health. Your dentist may recommend a different timeline to better protect your child's teeth.

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Taking your child for regular pediatric dentistry checkups at a young age can pave the way for better oral health as they grow. If you have not done so already, talk with a dentist to find out when your child should be seen.

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