When to Schedule a Dental Checkup for Kids

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Watching your little one get those first teeth is exciting. It is an experience that may also have parents wondering, "When is the right time for the first dental checkup for kids?" As your child grows older, you may also have questions about oral health and wonder when it is appropriate to schedule an appointment with the pediatric dentist.

When to schedule the first checkup

According to the American Dental Association, most babies get their first teeth at around six months. This age is average; some babies get teeth early, while others may reach their first birthday before a tooth appears.

It is a good idea to schedule a first dental checkup for kids when the first tooth appears or no later than age one.

What to expect at the first dental visit

The first appointment may be more educational than exam-oriented. When your dentist is ready to schedule an exam, your child's teeth can be checked for normal growth and development.

Your child's dentist can give you tips for an age-appropriate oral health routine. Although baby teeth are temporary, it is essential to care for them the same as permanent teeth. Tooth decay can affect a child's ability to eat and speak. The earlier you begin teaching your child to care for his or her teeth, the better chance you have of avoiding cavities and gum disease later.

As you and your child prepare for a dental checkup, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • You can read your child a story about a character who visited the dentist and had a good experience. Your pediatric dentist may have book suggestions.
  • Let your child make decisions during the visit when possible. Letting him or her choose a toothbrush color or where to put a reward sticker can give your child a sense of control.
  • Allow your dentist to do most of the talking so that there is an opportunity to build a relationship with your child. If you have questions, you can ask them at the end of the visit to avoid distractions.

It is never too late to schedule a child's first visit to the dentist. Oral health is important at any age. Have you delayed taking your child to the dentist because of anxiety or fear? Rest assured that pediatric dentists are skilled at caring for children of all ages and stages of oral development. They understand some children (and parents) may be anxious about a dentist visit. Your pediatric dentist can put you and your child at ease and perhaps make the first dental visit a pleasant and fun experience.


Most dentists recommend a dental checkup for kids every six months. However, you can ask your child's dentist how often your should visit. If you have concerns between appointments, though, call the office. It is better to ask or make a visit than to worry, and your dentist can answer your questions.

If you're ready to schedule your child's first checkup, contact our office today. We help children of all ages get started on a lifetime of good oral care.

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