What Procedures Are Performed Under Cosmetic Dentistry for Children?

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Curious about cosmetic dentistry treatments for children? If you think that your child’s smile could use some work, keep reading to learn how a pediatric dental specialist can help. Cosmetic dentistry for children takes into account the ongoing growth and development of a child’s mouth. This special branch of dentistry allows pediatric dentists to deliver smiles that are both healthy and brilliant.

The purpose of cosmetic dentistry for children

Problems like tooth decay or intrinsic stains can cause permanent discoloration in a child’s teeth. Injury can cause a fracture or chipping, both of which affect the shape and overall look of a tooth. Thanks to minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry, a child does not need to wait until adulthood to correct these kinds of flaws.

Here are a few procedures that fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry for children:

1. Dental bonding

Dentists use dental bonding to treat dental problems and hide cosmetic flaws. The putty-like nature of dental bonding makes it a versatile material that a pediatric dentist uses to:

  • Fill a small cavity
  • Seal a crack or a minor fracture
  • Reshape a chipped or broken tooth

A dentist will customize the color of dental bonding to match their patient’s teeth. This is yet another quality that makes bonding the go-to solution for minor dental and cosmetic problems.

2. Dental flippers

A dental flipper is a prosthetic or appliance that replaces missing teeth lost to injury or tooth decay. The appliance is a conservative way of replacing missing teeth as a young patient’s jaw continues to develop. Once the patient is old enough, they can pursue dental implants as a permanent solution to their missing teeth.

3. No-prep veneers

No-prep veneers are ultra-thin, custom shells that cover the front surface of visible teeth. Veneers cover imperfections like intrinsic stains, discoloration from tooth decay, fractures, and chipped teeth.

No-prep veneers have one advantage over their conventional cousins: They are so thin that the dentist does not need to make room for them by removing a layer of enamel.

4. Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can remove stubborn stains from the teeth of young patients. An added advantage to this treatment is that the patient gets a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning along with the treatment. Children often are not eligible for whitening treatments until most of their permanent teeth have erupted.

5. Braces

Orthodontic treatment addresses the health of the teeth as well as their appearance. Orthodontics is a long-term intervention that addresses issues like crowding, gapping, and crooked teeth. This course of treatment is an investment that ensures a child’s good oral health into adulthood.

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