What Parents Should Know About Dental Bonding for Kids

Dental Bonding For Kids Middletown, NY

Dental bonding for kids can help treat early dental damage. Baby teeth and new permanent teeth may suffer from damage or decay. The pediatric dentist can orient you and your child about the simple process. Here are the details that parents like you must know about dental bonding for kids.

What dental bonding is

Falls or collisions may cause dental damage in kids. The tooth may end up discolored or decayed even more. That is why the tooth must receive treatment right away. The dentist may recommend restorations, such as dental bonding for kids.

This dental treatment uses composite resin. This tooth-colored material will not be detectable on the child’s tooth. The dentist will need one dental visit to repair the chipped tooth. A child with many chipped teeth may need more than one appointment.

The dentist will clean and roughen the tooth first. Applying the bonding material will follow. A curing light will harden the composite resin. Shaping and polishing the material will come next. This will help the treated tooth blend with the rest of the child’s natural teeth. Dental bonding for kids can protect the tooth from more damage.

The life span of dental bonding

Dental bonding for kids can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. Many factors influence the longevity of the results. Parents must work with the dentist after treating the chipped tooth. The child’s dental habits, as well as the bonding material, impact the life span of the bonding material. Here are other factors to consider:

  • Consuming colored drinks and foods can discolor dental bonding for kids. The staining may result in bonding replacements.
  • Dental bonding for kids corrects dental damage and decay. Even so, the tooth will not be as durable as natural teeth. Biting hard foods can damage the material.

The results of dental bonding can last for three to 10 years. Proper care involves visiting the dentist for regular dental checks and cleaning. This can prevent retouching the tooth constantly. Talking to the pediatric dentist first can help prepare the parent and the child before getting dental bonding for kids.

Benefits of dental bonding for kids

Dental damage from decay or injury can develop into more serious dental problems. Dental bonding for kids can help maintain the child’s teeth. Understanding the benefits of this treatment can help prepare the child and the parents before the dental appointment. Here are the benefits that one can get from dental bonding for kids:

  • It can take only one dental appointment to finish a treatment.
  • It is convenient and pain-free.
  • It provides natural results.
  • It keeps the natural tooth structure intact.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is biocompatible.
  • It can protect teeth from infections.

A quick treatment

Dental bonding for kids is good for parents with busy schedules. It is also helpful for kids who do not want to miss many school days. Performing the treatment on each tooth will take 30-60 minutes. This can give the child the right dental solution and then return to daily activities.

Painless procedure

This treatment does not often need anesthesia. But a parent can talk to the dentist about sedation dentistry if the child is suffering from dental anxiety. The dentist will apply a roughening gel or solution on the tooth. This will help the bonding material attach to the tooth better. Even without sedation, dental bonding for kids is ideal for kids who can get a little restless.

Enhances the child’s appearance

Dental bonding for kids is effective for minor dental flaws. The composite resin can close small gaps, reshape teeth, straighten smiles, and whiten teeth. The treatment will not be noticeable. This allows the child to interact with other people with better self-esteem.

Inexpensive correction

Improving a child’s smile using dental bonding for kids is a cost-effective option. Compared to crowns or veneers, getting this treatment is friendlier to the budget. It does not cost much to maintain as well. Regular visits to the dentist, a few diet changes, and proper dental care every day can prolong the results.

Contributes to oral health

Dental damage can affect the way a child eats, speaks, and smiles. Without timely treatment, the damage can worsen. It can lead to pain and infection. The problem could even spread to the neighboring teeth. Dental bonding for kids can correct the damage and prevent the child’s dental health from deteriorating.

Dental bonding for kids can give your child good dental and general health

Research shows that many kids end up with dental damage after rough play or sports activities. Ignoring the damage can worsen the issue. It can lead to more damage or even infection. Working with your dental care provider can lead to prolonged results.

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