What Does a Dental Exam for Kids Include?

Dental Exam For Kids Middletown, NY

A regular dental exam for kids is important to safeguard your child’s oral health. The pediatric dentist will be able to diagnose the problem early on, while treatment options are less invasive, and provide advice on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Although a child’s first dental checkup may seem frightening, it is beneficial for them to become acquainted with the dentist from a young age. This article covers what happens during a dental exam appointment for kids.

The steps of the dental exam

Brushing and flossing are vital, but so is going to the dentist every six months for a comprehensive evaluation and cleaning, starting when the child’s first tooth comes in and no later than 12 months. Parents can ask questions about any changes or concerns they have noticed during the examination. The steps include:

Dental exam and cleanings

The pediatric dentist will inspect the child’s teeth and gums during a dental exam to see if tooth decay or gum disease is present. An X-ray is sometimes used to allow the dentist to see the whole tooth, including the root.

Plaque, a sticky film, and tartar (hardened plaque) will be cleaned from the teeth. This process is important since plaques can cause gum and tooth decay. Only the tools used by your child’s dentist can remove tartar. The dental professional will also talk about the child’s oral hygiene and diet. They may also show the child how to floss and brush their teeth properly.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride, which is absorbed into the tooth enamel and makes teeth stronger and more resistant to decay, has been shown to prevent cavities in children. It aids in reversing the effects of tooth decay in its early stages before it becomes evident. Fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office are quick and easy. Fluoride is painted on the teeth at a greater concentration than that found in fluoride toothpaste. About 30 minutes after the fluoride treatment, the child will not be permitted to rinse, eat, or drink. Fluoride treatments may be recommended every three, six, or twelve months, depending on the child’s oral health.

Dental sealant application

Sealants help avert decay on the biting surface of a child’s teeth by providing additional protection. Dental seals fill and smoothen out the small grooves and crevices, making it more difficult for plaque and germs to accumulate and cause a cavity. Permanent teeth are more often sealed than baby teeth, but each patient’s needs are different, so the dentist will prescribe sealants only if they think the child needs them. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes of the dental exam for kids.

A conditioning solution is administered to the teeth after they have been cleaned. The teeth are then dried after rinsing off the solution. After that, the sealant is applied, and it dries in a matter of seconds. Sealants have a three- to five-year lifespan.

In conclusion

A dental exam for kids can occur biannually or more regularly, depending on the dentist’s recommendation. If you have not visited the pediatric dentist yet, reach out today to book an appointment.

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