Visit a Pediatric Dentistry Office for a Children’s Dental Exam

Visit a Pediatric Dentistry Office for a Children’s Dental Exam from Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Middletown, NYA pediatric dentistry exam is necessary for evaluating and diagnosing your child. This type of dental exam should start at an early age. That way, your child can get used to the processes involved. If you want to know what to expect during a pediatric dentistry exam, here are the details.


Getting the child and the parent ready is important before the dental exam. The appointment should be in the morning. At this time of day, young children are fresh and alert. The parent should explain what pediatric dentistry will be about. It is ideal to make the child happy before the checkup. Bringing the child’s favorite books and toys is essential in making the experience as pleasant as it can be.

The parent should also prepare by making a list of questions for the checkup. Good communication with the dentist during the checkup is key. Discussing the dislikes and fears of the child is a priority as well. It is important for parents to stay calm so as not to make the child feel anxiety as well.

During the first visit

The child must be comfortable during the first visit. Most pediatric dentistry professionals recommend the first dental checkup should be by 12 months old. It could also start within six months of the first tooth’s eruption. This visit often lasts for about 30-45 minutes. The child can start with a gentle dental cleaning, and the dentist can show the parent and child how to brush and floss.

A fluoride treatment may also be in order. Digital X-rays may be needed to have a better idea of the child’s dental health. Through the images, the dentist can see if there are jammed baby teeth blocking the emerging adult teeth. The dentist will only order X-rays if the child needs them.

During the second visit

After six months, the parent will bring the child back to the dental clinic. In some cases, the child should come back every three months. Dental visits can build self-esteem and comfort in the young child. These pediatric dentistry visits can also enable the dentist to keep an eye on the development of the child’s teeth, gums, and jawbone.

The dentist can perform a dental cleaning again during the pediatric dentistry visit. Removing sticky plaque and tartar is possible with specific tools at the dental clinic. The dentist will follow up on the child’s oral hygiene practices.

Fluoride treatments often comes next. The dentist can provide this pediatric dentistry treatment to strengthen and protect the baby teeth and permanent teeth when they emerge. Keeping the baby teeth cavity-free can make permanent teeth emerge without any issue, preventing more expensive teeth alignment treatments in the future.

Dental sealants can protect the chewing surfaces of the child’s back teeth. These plastic resin coatings even make cleaning easier for the parent and child. The first application of this pediatric dentistry treatment happens when the baby molars appear. The second application happens when the permanent molars come out.

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Pediatric dentistry exams can give your child a healthy start in life

This type of dental exam can start your child’s journey to good dental health. If there are treatments, you and your child should be well-prepared. You and your dentist need to work together to make each visit and exam a pleasant one. This can make the child remember that a pediatric dentistry visit is a good thing to keep having.

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