Pediatric Dentistry: Teaching Your Child Good Dental Habits

Pediatric Dentistry: Teaching Your Child Good Dental Habits from Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Middletown, NYPediatric dentistry can guide parents in teaching their children proper dental care practices. Maintaining good dental health means instilling these habits in your child’s mind until they become second nature. How well you teach will determine how good your child’s dental health will become. Here are some pediatric dentistry tips to remember if you want to know how to teach your child good dental habits.

Setting the example

Many pediatric dentistry professionals believe that teaching children by setting an example allows the kids to remember better. Seeing the parents brush and floss every day motivates the child to do the same. Parents can brush the child’s teeth at first because young kids cannot yet control the toothbrush. They can start brushing by themselves by eight years of age. Brushing and flossing with the kids allows them to imitate the right techniques. These dental habits can stick with them while growing up.

Starting dental care habits at an early age

Early pediatric dentistry visits can teach parents how to care for the child’s teeth and gums. Parents can start cleaning the baby’s gums before the first tooth erupts. Using warm water should do the job. This practice will show the child that it is natural to clean the inside of the mouth. As teeth erupt, the parent can use a baby toothbrush.

Some children come in for their first pediatric dentistry checkups six months after the first tooth emerges or before reaching a year old. This process will orient the child that regular dental visits are a good thing. In addition, each visit will let the child get used to the imaging exams and treatments. Eventually, trips to the dentist will become an ordinary event.

Putting the fun in dental hygiene

A child can remember dental care techniques better if each one is associated with high-tech and entertaining tools. For example, electric toothbrushes can have cartoon character designs, music, or timers. Water flossers also help make flossing easier and quicker. Letting the child choose the right flavor can make brushing a fun personal choice.

It can be boring for kids to brush and floss every day. Making this part of the day fun will allow kids to look forward to it. Playing the child’s favorite nursery rhyme or song during dental care can extend the brushing time to two minutes or more without the child even noticing it. The child will likely remember these habits until adulthood.

Making each dental appointment a family event

It can be stressful for a child to go to dental appointments. Entering the treatment room can be worrisome for a child. Any negative event can become a traumatizing experience. Turning pediatric dentistry appointments into an event for the family will show support. Family members at the clinic can remove fear and loneliness, making the visit less intimidating.

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Pediatric dentistry can make learning good dental habits easier for your child

Your child must learn good dental habits at an early age. It is ideal for you to start even before the first tooth erupts. These pediatric dentistry tips can help your child learn these habits better. Working with your dentist can provide more helpful techniques and answer any questions.

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