Stainless Steel Crowns as a Cavity Treatment for Kids [Pediatric Dentist]

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Learning more about the many benefits that a pediatric dentist offers is something every parent should consider. While parents can indeed take their kids to see a general dentist or a family dentist, a pediatric dentist is a dental professional who has been specifically trained in how to treat kids. This means they have a special talent when it comes to dealing with kids, which is especially important when kids need any type of dental services, like cavity treatment.

About pediatric dentists

Think that you should find a pediatric dentist to provide your kids with the dental care services they need? If you find it difficult to get your kid to go to the regular dental office, you may be surprised that they are probably willing to go to a pediatric dental office. Pediatric dentists are focused on meeting the oral health care needs of children, while also emphasizing dental education for both kids and parents, like how to prevent any oral health problems.

Cavity treatments for kids

The list below includes popular cavity treatments for kids. Every parent should understand that there are choices for when their kid is in need of any restorative dental services. The more informed that parents are, the more likely that their kids will experience good oral health.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings are commonly used to treat minor cavities in kids and are made using a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. This type of filling is made to match the color of the rest of the teeth, which means that composite fillings are barely noticeable.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are also commonly used to treat minor cavities and can be white or silver in color. This type of filling is made using a mixture of metals, with silver, tin, zinc, copper and mercury being one of the more popular mixtures.

Stainless-steel crowns

Stainless-steel crowns are a cavity treatment option for kids who have been diagnosed with a severe cavity. When there is so much tooth decay that it jeopardizes the overall health of the tooth, restorative services are needed in order to save the tooth. When stainless-steel crowns are required, parents can rest assured that their kid's teeth will now be protected, as dental crowns are used to strengthen teeth.

While some parents may think it would be better to extract a tooth instead, it is ideal for kids to keep all their baby teeth for as long as possible, as this helps their permanent teeth grow in straight.

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Our experienced and caring pediatric dentist can provide your kid with the optimal dental care services they need for good oral health. If your kid is experiencing any type of problems with their gums, teeth or mouth, we invite you to contact us now to schedule an appointment. It is essential for your kid to always be in good oral health, as they will be more likely to experience good oral health when they are an adult.

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