How a Kid Friendly Dentist Educates Your Child about Oral Hygiene

How a Kid Friendly Dentist Educates Your Child about Oral Hygiene from Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Middletown, NYA kid-friendly dentist educates children on ways to improve their oral hygiene at home. These lessons can help as children grow older and become more independent. A kid-friendly dentist chooses to focus on tailoring their office atmosphere and services to make it most comfortable for younger children.

Methods kid-friendly dentists use to educate children

Every dentist has their own way of educating their patients. This may include discussing with them what their oral care routine should look like, how their dietary choices may affect their oral health, and providing educational pamphlets. The following are several methods kid-friendly dentists often use to educate younger patients.

Teach kids the importance of brushing

Teaching kids the importance of brushing is often priority number one when dealing with young patients. A proper brushing technique can significantly reduce the risk of cavities to primary teeth. Perhaps more importantly, developing a proper brushing technique can carry into adulthood and help children keep a healthy and beautiful smile as they grow older.

Speak with children about sugar

One of the biggest oral health risks for children, in general, is excessive sugar consumption. Of course, children should enjoy a cookie now and then, but understanding how sugar can affect oral health is important to learn at a young age. Kid-friendly dentists educate children in a manner they understand, encouraging them to practice good oral hygiene after eating sugar to minimize its effect.

Encourage children to ask questions

Children feel less confident asking questions when they do not feel comfortable. A kid-friendly dentist office often helps children feel relaxed and confident. This helps them to open up and ask questions they may have. Parents can also ask questions to learn more about helping their child’s oral health and know they are getting the right answers.

Assist parents with enforcing oral care

It is no secret that children are dependent upon their parents. It is important for parents to help their children maintain a consistent and healthy oral care routine that includes brushing several times a day, flossing, and using mouthwash. Kid-friendly dentists can provide educational information to help parents enforce the oral care routine for their children in a productive way.

Offer a fun environment for check-up visits

Children are less reluctant to attend follow-up visits if they know the dentist and their staff is friendly and fun. This allows children to develop a healthy mindset about visiting the dentist that can carry into their teenage and adult years. There are many ways a kid-friendly dentist can make their office environment friendly, including through a fun office design, play centers, coloring books, and fun rewards for bravery.

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Learn more about educating children about oral hygiene

We encourage parents to contact our dental practice to schedule a dental visit. We can help assess oral care needs and answer any questions. Here at our practice, we enjoy working with children and helping their first experiences with the dentist go well.

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