Important Qualities of a Dentist for Kids

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Going to a dentist for kids is often a scary experience for children. They might be alarmed at the equipment used at the office or of strange people getting close to them and working on their teeth. Due to this, it is important to choose a dentist who makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Here are some of the important qualities you should look for in a dentist for children. 

Important qualities of a dentist for kids

Many of the special attributes to have in a dentist who works with kids are the same as the qualities you would look for in other medical professionals for children. While many people may not check off every characteristic you have in mind, it is helpful to have an idea of some of the more important traits. 

Warm and inviting

Not only is it important for the dentist to have a warm and inviting personality, but this is a crucial trait for the front office personnel as well. The front desk staff are the first people you see upon entering the establishment, so they can make or break a first impression for a child. Accommodating staff members make sure to greet your child as well as you and may offer your youngster something interesting to enjoy, such as a book or quiet game. The dentist and dental assistants should also have a warm demeanor that puts your child at ease.


Kids widely range in personality, from shy to hyper and loud. A good dentist for kids should be able to work with all types of children and show patience when they refuse to cooperate. This may mean a willingness to take a break and allow you to calm your child down. The dentist should also be accomodating to parents who wish to go back with the child during the visit if that is what the parents and child prefer. Dentists and other staff members who become irritable or impatient can often make the child feel even worse and more afraid to visit the dentist the next time. 


Good oral health practices begin at a young age, so it is essential to have a dentist who is eager to discuss good habits in a way that the child can understand and remember. Some dentists, instead of simply explaining how to properly brush or floss the teeth,  demonstrate the proper techniques on a fixed model of a jawbone with teeth.

In addition to explaining good oral practices, an important quality of a good dentist for kids is the readiness to answer questions and address concerns from both the parents and the child. The willingness to lend some knowledge of oral health is a positive characteristic of a dentist that gives the child life-long benefits. The dentist should also explain each step during the visit in order to help put a nervous child at ease. 


Kids can easily have accidents while playing, which may lead to a chipped or broken tooth. A good trait of a children's dentist is availability during dental emergencies such as this. Inquire whether there is someone on call for these situations after hours. Although the person available might not always be the child's regular dentist, this after-hours arrangement displays the dedication of the dental office to providing care for children whenever it is needed. 

Competent and Efficient

Children are still growing and have much smaller mouths than adults, with some children exhibiting even less room in their mouths than others. It is very important for the dentist to use correctly sized instruments when working with kids. These proper tools not only ensure the comfort and safety of the patients but also reach their small surfaces and crevices for cleaning. 

Strategies for choosing a dentist for your child

One of the more common and reliable ways to choose a dentist for kids is to talk with other parents who have children about the same age as yours. They can provide recommendations for dentists who provide a good experience for their children and who possess the qualities you are seeking. Looking at online reviews is another way to help choose a dental professional but should be used with caution. Finally, speaking with different dentists yourself before bringing your child for an appointment can be a useful way to assess their accommodations and demeanor. 


Choosing a dentist for kids who displays qualities that you find important puts both you and your child's minds at ease during a dental appointment. 

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