How a Pediatric Dentistry Can Treat a Child’s Damaged Tooth

How a Pediatric Dentistry Can Treat a Child’s Damaged Tooth from Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Middletown, NYChildren need good oral health, which is your child may require pediatric dentistry services. It is important that the teeth, gums, and mouth be properly cared for in order to prevent issues with tartar, plaque, and cavities. There are times when a tooth could be damaged from a fall or other trauma, but decay could also occur and require similar treatment. A pediatric dentist is equipped with the tools and training needed to work with children.

Tooth damage

When parents think of tooth damage, a common concern is a cavity. This is decay in the tooth that can lead to the loss of the whole tooth if not addressed quickly. Although common in young children, the teeth could also become chipped or cracked from an incident involving facial trauma or enamel erosion. Any damage to the teeth can bring pain and discomfort, particularly to children. The longer damage goes unaddressed, the more severe the pain or impact it could have on the child’s health. An inability to eat can lead to nutritional deficiencies, while a small cavity could grow to be much worse.

Addressing tooth damage

Tooth damage in children can be addressed through pediatric dentistry. Depending on the damage, there are several things the dentist may do to correct or prevent further problems from developing. 


Teeth that are weak could crack or break. A crown can be both a preventative options and repair treatment. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering often made from stainless steel when used with children. Stainless steel is typically more cost-effective than a custom-made crown of composite resin, and stainless steel also requires fewer dental visits. This covering is cemented to the tooth to help restore both function and shape. A crown can help keep a weak tooth from cracking, and it can also be used to repair a broken tooth. Blemishes and other damage can be hidden with a crown.


Teeth that are decayed or damaged can also be repaired through fillings. These can be made from composite resin or from a silver amalgam. Many parents choose the silver amalgam for its durability and cost-effectiveness. A filling is used where a cavity once was to help fortify the tooth and prevent plaque or bacteria from taking root where the cavity used to be. It will help keep the tooth safe, sturdy, and sterile until it falls out and the adult teeth come in.

Fluoride treatment

It is common for a child to receive a fluoride treatment at each appointment as a preventive against tooth decay, but it can also be used to help repair cavity damage. In addition to helping strengthen the enamel on the teeth, fluoride can reverse or slow down the development of a cavity by destroying the bacteria that feed cavities.

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Pediatric dentistry is an important service when it comes to a child’s oral health. If your child is in need of tooth repair because of damage from facial trauma or tooth decay, schedule an appointment to find out which restorative treatment options are available.

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