How a Children’s Dentist Can Prevent the Need for Later Orthodontic Care

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As a parent, you might go to a children’s dentist because you do not want your child to get sick. You want your child’s teeth to stay clean. Many things that a children’s dentist does will involve treating early problems. Keep reading to find out more.

About dental appointments

A parent should schedule an appointment for the child twice a year. That way, the children’s dentist can keep an eye on any issues as the teeth develop. During an examination, the parent can ask the dentist about orthodontic issues. A children’s dentist can sometimes prevent the need for orthodontic care later on.

Why a child might need braces

There are some things that a dentist can do to reduce the chances for a child to have orthodontic care. It comes down to the kind of prevention that a dentist focuses on. One reason a child will need braces is overcrowding. This might happen if the baby teeth come out too early. The primary teeth are vital when it comes to holding a space for the new teeth to come in.

But decay can cause the teeth to come out too early. That can cause the nearby teeth to shift toward that position, reducing the space for the permanent teeth. Once the tooth comes in, it might be sideways or wherever it can find room. It can also be on top of other teeth.

What a children’s dentist can do

A dentist can keep the child’s teeth healthy to reduce the chances of them coming out too soon. For instance, by preventing decay, there will not be as much risk of an infection in the tooth. Another thing that a dentist can do is provide a mouthguard for sports. That can protect the teeth while making it less likely that a baby tooth will be lost. That can make a huge difference in preventing later orthodontic care.

When to consider orthodontics

Even with healthy teeth, a child may still have crooked or gapped teeth. A child might sometimes benefit from early treatment. The dentist might recommend treatments as early as 7 years old. However, many children will wait for braces until middle school or the end of elementary school.

This decision is up to the dentist and the number of permanent teeth there are. If the adult teeth come in early, then orthodontic treatment can begin. But if the teeth fall out late, some waiting might be needed. A dentist can also create space for the new teeth to come in. That way, the adult teeth can properly come in.

The benefits of straight teeth

Crooked teeth can make a child’s dental development difficult. This can be a cause of poor dental health and low self-esteem. A child may suffer from embarrassment with misaligned teeth and this condition’s consequences. Here are the benefits of teeth straightening at a young age:

  • The child gets healthier gums. Bleeding gums is a sign of gingivitis. This is the first stage of gum disease. Crowding or misalignment prevents the child from cleaning between teeth. This will cause more dental problems like gum irritation and tooth loss. Teeth straightening can remove these issues for the child. With this treatment, the children’s dentist can even prevent more expensive procedures in the future.
  • The child gets stronger teeth. Crooked teeth tend to collect plaque. This sticky layer weakens the enamel. The weakened enamel makes the child’s teeth prone to dental damage. Straightening teeth makes it easier to remove plaque. This can result in stronger teeth.
  • The child gets healthier teeth. Overlapping and crowding can help bacteria stay on teeth longer. Some areas that are difficult to reach harbor plaque. This results in dental decay, dental pain, and even tooth loss. Straightening teeth will give way to better cleaning. This will allow the child to have healthier teeth.
  • The child experiences higher self-esteem. Crooked teeth can hold a child back from connecting with other people. This condition can prevent the child from running errands. Healthy, good-looking teeth can help the child smile, speak, and interact better. A straight smile can help the child become result-oriented.
  • The child’s risk of developing jaw issues reduces. Malocclusion of the upper and lower jaws prevents a child from having an aligned bite. This can put stress on the jaw muscles. Headaches and sleep difficulties can happen. Aligning the teeth can prevent jaw problems from developing.

Visit a children’s dentist today

Between early orthodontic treatment and good tooth care, a dentist can help prevent later orthodontic care. If you want to reduce the chances of your child needing braces, now is the time. Schedule an appointment at the children’s dentist’s office today. You can have more questions answered by setting up your child’s appointment.

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