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Visiting the children’s dentist should be a regular occurrence for all kids. This important part of a child’s health and wellness is not something you should put off. Not only can the dentist check up on the child’s progress, but also the staff can evaluate any concerns you or your child may have. The dentist can perform a wide range of services to correct issues as well.

When to start and when to go

Life is full of appointments and obligations. Do not think that visiting the children’s dentist is just something to get out of the way. These trips are vital to a child’s well-being. Parents should emphasize dental health from the time a baby starts getting teeth. Around the age of 1, kids can start going to the dentist for checkups. From this point on, the patient should come to the office every six months. Anytime the child has pain, discomfort, or other oral health concerns, a caregiver should bring the patient in for an evaluation.

Teeth cleaning

Kids who brush their teeth have a much higher chance of maintaining strong, healthy teeth than those who do not. It can still be difficult to keep teeth feeling and looking nice. At a semiannual checkup, the hygienist at the children's dental office will clean the patient’s teeth. Staff assistants will use an ultrasonic tool to remove plaque and other buildups from affected teeth. The hygienist will also polish both sides of every tooth.


Brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and limiting sugar intake will reduce a child’s risk of cavities. Lapses in dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay. Luckily, the general dentist can repair a decayed tooth by removing the bacteria and sealing the tooth with a filling. The process is minimally invasive and usually takes less than an hour. In most cases, a typical filling will correct the condition and eliminate tooth pain. Several factors influence the choice of fillings, such as:

  • Amount of the tooth's healthy structure
  • Components of the filling material
  • How and where the filling is placed
  • How much the teeth will have to chew

The children's dentist numbs the area with a local anesthetic during a filling procedure. They then remove the decay with a gentle dental drill and use a tooth-colored composite resin to fill in the cavity. The tooth's surface is smoothed and polished, leaving the child with a strong and healthy tooth.

Root canal

A root canal may be necessary for larger cavities and more significant decay. This procedure also repairs infected roots. The root canal can be done on the baby or permanent teeth. The children’s dentist will help the child feel comfortable with the procedure by numbing the area. The dentist then drills into the tooth and removes the pulp. The dentist then seals the tooth and caps it with a crown.


Sometimes, brushing and flossing are not enough to prevent cavities or the buildup of tooth decay in tiny spots between developing teeth. Because children are prone to getting cavities, the children’s dentist may put a plastic coating known as a sealant on some teeth. Dental sealants bond and harden in the deep grooves of the tooth's surface. The dentist usually does this on the child's back molars, where most of the chewing occurs.

Young children and adolescents are the most frequent recipients of sealants. Sealants are typically applied to permanent teeth once they have erupted, but they can be applied to baby teeth if a children's dentist deems it necessary. When young patients get sealants, brushing becomes easier and is more effective against tooth decay.

Sports dentistry

As children grow up and become more active, accidents happen. Injuries to the teeth and oral diseases are common among young athletes. When an injury happens, such as a tooth being knocked out of the child's mouth, it is crucial to get the child and their tooth to a family dentist as soon as possible. Parents should not try to re-implant the tooth themselves. If the child experiences a cracked tooth, the dentist will likely diagnose an X-ray to determine the course of treatment.

More in store for your child at the children’s dentist

Going to the dentist’s office can make a child nervous. If your child is worried about their next appointment, make sure they know that the dentist is here to help. The dentist and other staff members can provide an assortment of treatments to relieve pain and irritation. They may also be able to provide information to the child to help them understand the treatment process. These processes also help the child feel well and have good oral health.

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