Dental Crowns for Kids: What Are the Options?

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Dental crowns for kids might be recommended if your child has a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Tooth decay is the most common dental issue that affects children due to a myriad of factors like children having less developed brushing skills and an affinity for sweet things. The bacteria that produce the acids that lead to tooth decay feast on sugars, and poor oral hygiene means these acids are left on teeth for longer periods.

Fillings are the standard way to treat cavities caused by tooth decay, but that is only an option early on. If decay goes unnoticed, it can end up damaging the tooth to the point it needs a dental crown for kids to keep it intact.

If you are wondering why dentists simply do not just extract such teeth since baby teeth eventually get replaced with permanent ones, that is because baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth. Losing baby teeth prematurely can lead to dental issues like teeth becoming misaligned. That is why dentists try to save baby teeth even though they are temporary teeth.

Your options when it comes to dental crowns for kids

Let us take a closer look at the different types of crowns a dentist might recommend for a child:

1. Stainless steel

These are the most recommended type of crowns for children, and they are often called silver crowns. These restorations are durable and strong, making them a great option for anyone who is not worried about having a natural-looking restoration. Dentists might recommend other types of crowns for children with metal allergies.

2. Stainless steel with white facings

Here is a more aesthetic type of stainless-steel crown. A white facing is added to the crown to make it look more natural. It is a better option than a conventional stainless crown for a front tooth that will be visible whenever the wearer opens their mouth. The facing does add some extra bulk to the tooth though. Over time, the facing might start to chip, exposing the silver steel underneath.

3. Composite crowns

These crowns are color-matched with the child’s teeth. These composites are made from mixtures of plastic and glass, and they look like real teeth. However, they are not as durable as stainless-steel crowns, they are more prone to staining, and they cost more. Composite crowns are also prone to chipping.

4. Zirconia

These crowns are made from zirconia, which is a biocompatible material that is as strong as many metals. These crowns are matched with the color of the patient’s teeth and covered with a glaze that makes them shine like a real tooth. It allows the restored tooth to blend in with the rest of the child’s teeth.

A crown can save your child’s tooth

A dental crown for kids can be used to keep your child’s tooth intact until it is ready to fall out naturally. Give us a call or visit our Middletown clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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