An Emergency Dentist for Kids Should Be Part of Your Healthcare Plan

With kids being in different sports and playing on playgrounds, along with weekend romps in the backyard you never know when trouble may transpire, but having an emergency dentist for kids on hand can be the best idea when it comes to saving a tooth or fixing an issue that cannot wait until the next week.

An emergency dentist is typically open on the weekend as well as late night hours when your general dentist will be closed. However, many general dentists are also emergency dentists. Be sure to talk to your dentist and make a plan in the event a dental emergency occurs.

An emergency dentist can help kids too!

All it takes is one slip or a rough beating while playing a contact sport for a tooth to become loose or be knocked out. This is one scenario that visiting an emergency dentist would be ideal. Since most kids contact sports games and practices are on the weekends, it is essential for parents to have an emergency dentist on hand just in case the worst happens.

One aspect to keep in mind is to contact the dentist before the emergency occurring to have your family's name and insurance information on file. This can make an emergency in less stressful by having up-to-date information that will not have to remember door updated when stress could be high.

An emergency dentist is not at the ER

One misconception is that emergency dentist is located at the local emergency room. This is far from the case, in fact, most emergency rooms do not have any type of dental specialist on their team. An emergency dentist is located in offices much like a general dentist. However, keeping hours that differ from the general dentist is what makes them different.

An emergency dentist can help other troublesome issues

It could be from biting down on something hard to a toothache that has popped up out of nowhere for your little one. If they are in excruciating pain and have a tooth or multiple teeth that seems they cannot get through the weekend before you can contact their general dentist, an emergency dentist is ideal. Because they are trained in emergencies, they can typically see your kiddo quickly and do not have a long wait time.

Sometimes when kids a tooth becomes chipped or a filling falls out, waiting until the next week to contact your general dentist can seem like forever. If the pain continues to worsen or is unbearable and will make their weekend utterly miserable, visiting the emergency dentist is the best solution.

If you have any additional questions about an emergency dentist for kids, feel free to give our office a call, and we can answer any further questions you may have about an emergency. Our staff is always available and ready to answer questions and guide you in making the best decision for your kid. Contact us now!

Request an appointment here: or call Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry at (845) 363-4177 for an appointment in our Middletown office.

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